Review – 1

I consider myself a psychonaut and I have experienced all kinds of hallucinogenic drugs with the goal to expand my consciousness. What I did not know was that this is dangerous to do it on your own when you do not know how to protect yourself spiritually against attacks of demons. I never did ayahuasca and I read a lot about Hanna’s work and I saw her You Tube interviews. I am from Ireland and I was very eager to do a ceremony with her.
Recently I came to one of her ceremonies and for the first time I drink her medicine of ayahuasca.

It is difficult to describe what happened, but hell broke lose. Darkness came all over me and I felt that I was possessed by huge demons and entities. I was in total panic and fear and I started to behave uncontrollable. 
Hannah and her assistants took me out of the group ceremony to a separate healing room where I even started to freak out more. Hannah was very calm and focused and she asked me if she could remove my Karmic Body. With the help of her assistants who had to hold me on the floor, she treated me.

It was a very though release she said. I was literally covered with huge demons. 15 Minutes after the treatment I came back to myself and I felt very calm and peaceful. Hannah brought me back to the group room where I was laying quiet feeling tremendous relief. She than started to bring in the Divine Energies of The Mother Goddess by singing and dancing herself. I saw the Female Divine Energy flowing through her whole being and I cried like a baby. I cried and cried because this connection with the Divine Light I had been always longing for. Since then my life is changing and I am still in this incredible process of Transformation. I cannot thank her and all the Divine Guidance enough.